Three Times The Charm

29th Sep 2021

Three Times The Charm

It is never easy starting any business, and an even greater challenge maintaining it in this unprecedented time. We have been in business for over 40 years today and evolve continually to keep pace or even be ahead by always listening, asking and ultimately seeking to answer in all that we do, to serve you better.

One "trick" that has always worked for us is to "play" with numbers. We push for the widest range, the greatest variety and at the lowest possible costs while maintaining maximum value to our clients; we tackle problems and concerns at the same time, and so this time, we have enhanced the most number of products, all at once.

We are proud to present you three new additions to the Horizon family: H70+, H90+ and T66

These are all preceded by our own everlasting and durable innovations which have lasted our clients for years. You'd ask why mess with already good products? 

Because we can make it better. And we believe we did but we'll have you be the judge. 

So yes, click on them, check them out and let us know.