Now Available: The Kronos D2

28th Jul 2020

Now Available: The Kronos D2

Available now through our sales team and on, it's the Kronos D2.

An innovation to bring you GNSS systems for your surveying needs, the Kronos D2 supports multiple constellations & frequencies on 384 channels with RTCM2.3/3.x, CMR, CMR+ corrections. It is easy to connect an external powerful radio for long range communication and flexible for integration in different applications.

The system provides 20Hz raw measurement output for post processing and its carrier phase accuracy goes down to 1mm. It comes with in-built 4GB eMMC for data recording with support for Nuwa & FieldGenius surveying software. The IP67-rated dust- & waterproof enclosure also makes it reliable in harsh environmental conditions.


Also on the market is our lightweight 24cm measuring wheel that is balanced for line movements and is able to measure up to 10km by 10cm units. 

Both items are now on sale on our web store and remember if it's your first purchase, do make us of the coupon code ATYOURSERVICE365 to enjoy 10%off. For distributor rates and bulk purchases, please email us or ask for a quote on your cart items.