Who we are and what we do

- We are manufacturers and brand owners for Horizon survey equipment and accessories, since 1979.  

- Other than the regular products, we produce and manufacture customized prisms and other survey accessories upon customer request.

- We believe strongly in building customer trust in our brand and satisfaction in our products, services and communication

- We believe in listening more than indiscriminate selling and aim to meet client needs effectively with our products and services.


Why we are better than the competition

- Our products are always priced and positioned optimally for best value.

- We do not believe in using unrealistic cheap pricing to attract customers, only to sacrifice quality, service and support during the process. 

- We firmly believe in establishing trustworthy, long term, and mutually beneficial business relationships with each client and prospect 

- And above all, we have been around longer than most of our competitors, and we are an established and proven company built on a strong foundation

Horizon started in 1979 in Singapore as an instruments repair and service company by our founding director Mr Tang Hui Jen, and following the growth of the markets, we became the first company in the industry to explore OEM production and manufacturing in China for land survey accessories like survey prisms, tribrachs, poles and staves.

Our mission statement is to offer and supply value-for-dollar survey products to the rest of the world, while employing good quality control to the production process and actual products from our headquarters in Singapore and our office in Shanghai. We believe from the onset that the most competitive production costs can only be achieved by manufacturing in China, and also that we have to firmly control the quality, communication and shipping processes to differentiate ourselves from other suppliers doing the same. From time to time, we will innovate on our products, and our innovations and creations have evolved into the norms for the industry. One such product is the ADS114, a monitoring prism which was adapted from an existing model and improved and eventually became the industry standard. We also customize products upon request by communicating with our clients & production teams to seek out efficient solutions and this makes us a unique vendor of choice for the high-challenge modern markets where client requirements are eclectic and specific. We firmly believe in going beyond the product catalogue, to harness our strengths of engineering, innovation and concise communication to deliver products and services according to individual client requests.

Today, Horizon has a global presence, distributing to more than 50 countries worldwide. We acknowledge that we may never have the lowest prices, being based primarily in the developed country of Singapore. But we have never wavered from our firm commitment to provide value-for-dollar products, astute and concise communication, and our understanding that long-term and mutually beneficial business relationships are a lot more valuable than one-time transactions. We aim to build trust, confidence and goodwill by doing our best for each client and prospect, and then going just a little further.

This is the reason why we won several key tenders in the industry, like the tender for 300 units of digital levels in India in 2011, and for 600 units of GNSS RTK receivers and more than 100 units of total stations in Myanmar in 2014 (largest in the industry at the time of the event), and 150 units of total stations in Jakarta in 2018. We were also awarded with the Singapore Prestige Brand Awards in 2007. And we will keep fighting with a strong spirit instead of resting on our laurels.

We know that being the best, we need to go beyond just offering attractive prices. We recognize the key aspects of good business relationships and build our brand equity brick by brick on values like integrity, brand commitment, effective communication, commitment to delivery, and mutual trust. We do not seek to win the world over based on how cheap we can sell a product, but how we remain committed to the value of building long lasting, mutually beneficial, and interactive business relationships through the supply of value-for-money quality products, and above that, by listening and matching client needs with our products and services. Give us a chance to work with you, and we will not disappoint. 


Alvin Tang, Director