Horizon Kronos T66 GNSS RTK receiver

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The Kronos T66 Receiver is a new generation high performance GNSS RTK system. Designed to be versatile and an all-in-one multipurpose receiver, it checks the pre-requisite boxes for various types of survey jobs.

One primary feature is the Horizon Gen-2 automatic and continuous tilt compensation function which is impervious to magnetic interference. This dispenses with the need for manual levelling of the receiver. This tilt sensor also has been designed to provide instant tilt correction activation, a wide tilt correction angle of more than 30 degrees, and continual tilt correction during use. With a newly designed in-house internal high-performance multi-constellation and multi-frequency GNSS board, the T66 Kronos GNSS Receiver provides high precision, high accuracy and stable signal detection on a consistent basis. The built-in large capacity battery supports up to 16 hours of field work in 4G/3G/2G networks, Rover

The Kronos T66 is developed by Horizon Singapore to be intuitive, versatile, optimally competent, and most importantly, built to provide a highperformance-cost indexvalue for its users. With more than adequate technical competency and multi-purpose practicality as the core ideas for developing this receiver, the Kronos T66 adopts a no frill approach to providing a wide range GNSS RTK solutions while keeping the cost competitive for users.

Think of it as a Swiss Army Knife of RTK receivers. It just does not get much better.

For full specifications, please refer to our product brochure.