ADS114 Mini Prism

ADS 0114-HZ
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The ADS114 monitoring prism is a HORIZON innovation. We improved the previous existing model with a waterproof and dislodge-proof prism housing. We also use quality anodized aluminium for the case and L brackets, and high quality survey prisms which are either copper, silver or aluminium coated and each within our manufacturing precision of 5". Each ADS114 is built to withstand and weather austere environmental conditions, but do take note that this is ultimately a product which needs to be replaced and we do not recommend it as a permanent fixture. We have, and can customize this product for specific requirements, like housing material, military grade anti-fog prism coating, or anti-freeze preparations for winter use. For details, please refer to our product brochure.

Each Horizon ADS114 is engraved with a serial number on the rear of the housing, and while there are many copies and replicas of this product, we caution buyers not to compromise prism or material quality when buying this product.

We are the best in the business when it comes to this specific product and we still believe in pricing it competitively, due to the sheer volume we sell each year. Buy original, buy HORIZON.